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Efficient extraction processes, trading

With Teng Germ Co., our values both ground and inspire us. They help shape our strategy and culture and guide our actions. Underpinned by our commitment to environmental, social and governance principles, our values show who we are, how we operate and provide an enduring foundation for our long-term success.

In the business of mining, extracting gold from gold ores and directly or indirectly trading and mediating with other gold merchants, our mission is to deliver value and we do take fiduciary duty seriously.


As intermediaries to the end-products of mining and extraction processes and global traders of gold commodities are mission is providing our services in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

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& Our Values

In a changing environment and often complex legal procedures, we help attenuate individuals and businesses from unpredictable economic realities while maintaining strict legal and environmental guidelines in the countries we operate in. We are committed to the social and environmental impact of our activities by working with local communities and Government to provide real-time mechanisms to allow locals to benefit from and improve their lives while minimizing the impact of our activities on their environment.

We grow profitably

Creating a profitable business for our shareholders and yet keeping people safe through responsible extraction and refining processes with collaboration on new innovative technologies